Steps On How To Refill A Cartomizer With E Liquid!

E Liquid

Most e cigarette cartridges (or cartomizers as they are sometimes referred to as) are meant to be disposable, but a lot of e cig companies send the electronic cigarette along with a few empty cartridges so that you can fill them yourself at home with whatever e liquid you want. It is even possible to refill a disposable cartridge with the e liquid that you have at home. There are lots of advantages to this, which we will discuss in the coming paragraphs, but I wanted to start off by saying that there are many tips and tricks on how you could refill a cartridge and what I am going to pose is just one among the many. A few new ones have a tricky design, so it might be a tad difficult in such cases. Read More …

The Best American E Liquid or E Juice Vendors!

E Liquid

Top USA E Liquid Brands

The vast number of options of e liquids that you get in the e cig market could make you go completely nuts and consecutively get many people to go on a journey to find the best e liquids that there is available to man. When you ask people about the best eliquid or e cig juice that they ever had, you will receive a lot of different answers, just like you would expect on most personal opinion based questions. This will be a list of my best american premium e liquid or my top e cig juice from my experience. If you are just starting out with e cigarettes, then you can imagine that this article was titled “Top Liquid Nicotine Brands That You Must Try Out” because the names I will be listing are pretty darn popular and they are great place to start if you are just venturing into the world of e cigarettes. Read More …

Highbrow Vapor – The Best E Liquid Brand In The Market!

Highbrow Vapor Review

highbrow vaporIf you are one among the vaping masses, then you must have surely heard about the highly acclaimed highbrow vapor and if you are just joining the vaping masses, then I guess you should really get to know this beautiful existence in the e liquid market! If you are constantly searching for the best e juice or e liquid for your e cigarettes, then your journey will most probably come to an end with highbrow vapor whose e liquids can be described in a nutshell, as a producer of premium clear tasting with very nuanced and beyond satisfying flavors.

Although fairly new to the market compared to various established companies, Highbrow vapor is already a major player in the e liquid market and has become the brand that people compare to with other premium nicotine fluids used in e cigs. They offer a wide range of options on American e-liquid flavors, namely: Fruit flavors, dessert flavors, drink flavors, highbrowbacco flavors and many more. The variety on e cigarette flavors increase further with the inclusion of mixed flavors and they encourage you to make your own blend of favorite ingredients. Read More …

Beginners Guide To E Cigarettes And E Liquid!

E LiquidYou probably stumbled upon this article because you or your loved one is looking for an effective way to quit smoking or because you were just impressed or curious about the whole concept. Whatever the reason is, this will be an article about e cigarettes and e liquid that will be worth your while. Ignore it if you want to, but you will bump into this topic sooner or later because of the soaring popularity that these products have been receiving in the recent times.

Let’s start off with the basics, shall we? An e liquid or liquid nicotine is a nicotine fluid that are used in electronic cigarettes, which determines the flavor, throat hit and the intensity of the vapor that you get with the help of an electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarette is the whole package, which is an atomizer that converts the e liquid into vaporized nicotine that you take in, like you do with a normal cigarette. The e liquid however, is filled into a cartridge which is a part of the e cigarette! When you take in the vaporized nicotine, you get that very same nicotine kick that you get from a cigarette. Read More …